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You first need to obtain a taxi driver accreditation from the Taxi Services Commission (TSC) the TSC are the governing body of the Victorian Taxi Industry. You also need to apply for an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Once you have obtained an ABN number and become an accredited driver by the TSC, the next step is to book online, a Silver Top training session. The training session is free and goes for 3 hours, we currently hold the sessions on Tuesday at 9:30am, Wednesday at 1:30pm and Friday at 1:30pm.

If you are currently active with West Suburban taxis, Geelong Taxi Network or Frankston Radio Cabs, then you can attend Silver Top’s offices during business hours to obtain a pin.

If you are already an accredited driver with a driver accreditation number (DC) that begins with five or lower, then you can attend the Silver Top office during business hours to obtain a pin.

If your DC number begins with 6 and you have more than 3 months of driving experience with a Melbourne based Network Service Provider, you will need to ask for a reference letter from the network you drove with, stating the date that you commenced your affiliation. Then attend the Silver Top office during business hours to obtain a pin.

If you have been affiliated with another network for less than three months or have previous driving experience outside of Melbourne, you will have to complete the Silver Top training session as instructed above.

To drive a wheelchair accessible taxi (WAT) in Victoria, drivers need to complete a two-part module assessment. The first module is a theory module that needs to be completed before you can start the second module, which is a practical assessment conducted by Silver Top Taxis. The theory module is conducted by Genix Ventures at level 1, 18 Kavanagh street, Southbank, you can book it here. Pease download the WAT Knowledge Handbook here to assist with your theory test.

If you have completed the WAT theory course and wish to complete the Silver Top practical course please fill out the form below

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Frequently asked questions relating to the wheelchair course

Do I need any previous driving experience?

No, as long as you have obtained your driving certificate from the Taxi Services Commission.

How long does it take to complete the practical assessment and what day is it held?

The course takes two sessions to complete and approximately three hours for each session. The course assessor will contact you and arrange a date and times for each session.

What does the course consist of? And how much does it cost?

The first session is an assessment briefing and costs $50, the second session is the assessment and costs $190.00.

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