Places to Visit with Silver Top Taxi Melbourne

The best way to discover Melbourne is by using Silver Top Taxi Melbourne. Being the centre of the Australian (and world) culture and hosting some of the world's most spectacular architectural designs, this city has established its position as one of the best places to visit at any time of the year. Let's look at 13 interesting places where a Silver Top Taxi in Melbourne can take you to.


Scattered throughout the CBD are extravagant department stores, modern trendy cafes and hundreds of fashion boutiques. If you want to sample every bit of the sophisticated Melbourne central business district, a taxi Melbourne is the best way to go.

Queen Victoria Market

Another fantastic place that a Silver Top Taxi Melbourne will deliver you safely to is at the Queen Victoria Market. This is a major and must visit tourist destination. It offers a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, seafood, poultry, gourmet, deli foods and meat as well as specialty delicacies. This market also offers a huge variety of non-food related items ranging from jewellery, clothing to handmade art and craft. So, if you want to discover the old world charm and grab some shopping bargains, make a point of taking taxi Melbourne on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.



Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal botanic gardens are situated just outside the Melbourne CBD. These gardens are the main reason behind Melbourne being ranked as one of the greenest cities in the world. By taking a taxi Melbourne to this place, you'll get the chance to sample more than twelve thousand species of plants and a wide variety of Australian wildlife.

Old Melbourne Gaol and State Library of Victoria

This is a treat for anyone looking for educational and historical places in Melbourne. By taking a taxi in Melbourne, you'll get the chance to visit the state library of Victoria (the oldest library in Australia). Just next to it, is the Old Melbourne Gaol. This is a bluestone building that is famous for various historical events such as the Australian gold rush and the Eureka stockade.

Rialto Towers

The Rialto towers is also referred to as the Melbourne observation deck. Ranked as the 23rd tallest building in the entire globe, this towering building is the second tallest skyscraper outside the United States. From here you'll be able to enjoy an uninterrupted view of the entire city and its environs. Silver Top Taxi Melbourne is the best way to access this phenomenal building.

Southgate Arts and Leisure Precinct

This is a fantastic place to visit with Silver Top Taxi Melbourne especially if you want to take great pictures of the city skyline. By visiting the south-gate arts and leisure precinct, you'll also get the chance to experience a unique display of artistic skills from street performers.

The Southern-Star Observation Wheel

This is Australia's pioneer observation wheel. It has a 3.7 kilometer LED lighting system that provides a spectacular display especially at night. By taking Taxi Melbourne, you'll get a lifetime chance to see twenty-one enclosed glass cabins at the Southern Star Observation wheel.

Great Ocean Road

This is a 273 km stretch of road that is located approximately one hour from the CBD along the south east coast. By taking this one hour drive with Silver Top Taxi Melbourne, you'll surely get back the value for your money.

Haley Sanctuary

Located at the foothills of Yarra ranges, this sanctuary offers a wide variety of Australian wildlife. If you're looking forward to an introduction to the sights and sounds of the bush, using Silver Top Taxi Melbourne to get this fantastic place will be worth every cent. This is one of the few places in Australia where you'll get close to over 190 species of wildlife including: koalas, Tasmanian devils, platypus, emus and Iyrebirds thriving.

Yarra Valley Wineries

If you want to dig into the deep history of the Yarra valley, then contacting your favourite Taxi Melbourne today would be a great idea. By visiting this memorable place, you'll get the chance to discover some of the world's best kept wine making secrets in just a day.

Melbourne Aquarium

If you want to explore exotic sea life, the Melbourne aquarium is the place to visit. Here, you'll be treated to one of the most colourful and vibrant journeys through a unique underwater world. Some of the unique inhabitants that you can view at the Melbourne aquarium include: turtles, catfish, rainbow fish, arrow frogs and barramundi. Apart from these creatures, this 2.2 million litre oceanarium features intimidating sharks and massive sting rays (a true Australian experience).

Penguin Parade

This is yet another reason why you should contact Silver Top Taxi Melbourne. The Penguin Parade at Phillip Island is a magnificent spectacle that takes place at every sunset. This is a large colony of penguins that usually emerges from the sea and matches its way across the beach. This is a spectacle you ought not to miss while visiting Melbourne.

Warrook Cattle Farm

This is renowned working farm whereby animals such as kangaroos, sheep and wombat are farmed. By taking a taxi from Melbourne to this amazing place, you'll get a lifetime chance to interact with these animals and even feed them. Also, you should not miss out on the award winning delicious cooking and pies that are prepared in this farm.

Some Interesting Facts about Melbourne

As well as world class Silver Top Taxi Melbourne service, this city has many interesting things to offer. Here are some interesting facts about Melbourne.

Did you know the following?

  • Melbourne is the only city in the entire world to have five world-class sporting arenas.
  • The city has over 480 hectares of parks and gardens.
  • Melbourne was initially known as Batmania Bearbrass before getting its current name.
  • Melbourne is also known as the Fox Capital due to the large number of foxes per square kilometre.
  • This city houses the world's oldest amusement park (Luna Park).

It's evident that Melbourne has a lot to offer. The best way to sample each and every feature discussed above is by using Silver Top Taxi Melbourne. Enjoy every moment!

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