Essential Information about Silver Service Cabs

Silver Service cabs operate in various cities including Melbourne. The company ensures customer satisfaction with top quality services and reasonable rates. Whether you are travelling alone or with a group, you will appreciate the premium service that Silver Service cabs offer.

Experience Comfort and Convenience

This prestigious cab service provides a superior level of comfort to customers. You can opt to rent luxury vehicles so you can arrive at any destination in style. Among the popular high-end cars include Ford Fairlanes, Ford LTDs, Holden Statesmans. These have outstanding features such as roomy interiors, leather seating, state-of-the-art audio systems, climate control, and large trunk space for your luggage.

While Silver Service cabs require an $11 surcharge to your fare, you will realise that every dollar spent is worth it. You will experience the convenience and comfort that you deserve by renting Silver Service cabs. In fact, the remarkable vehicle features and professional service are just a few of the many reasons why many customers prefer this company instead of the competitors.



Reliable and Professional Drivers

Aside from the high quality vehicles offered by Silver Service cabs, you will appreciate the professionalism and outstanding character of drivers. The company makes sure that the drivers are selected based on their excellent track record and commitment to deliver the best service to clients. By choosing Silver Service cabs, you can have the assurance to reach your destination safely and on time.

When on duty, Silver Service cab drivers are required to wear their company ID and uniform that includes a white shirt with epaulettes at the shoulders, navy or black trousers, and a navy tie with the Silver Service logo. Moreover, they maintain a professional demeanour and are always courteous to their clients.

Upon booking a ride with Silver Service cabs, your contact number will be provided to the designated driver. Then, the driver who has your Silver Service booking details will contact you and inform you of the estimated time that he or she will arrive to your location. This way, you can organise your schedule and avoid being late for your appointments.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Silver Service cabs offer personalised service to their clients, so you will feel at ease and comfortable during your trip. You can expect to reach your preferred location right on schedule with the help of the professional and punctual drivers who are always ready to serve you. Moreover, you will enjoy the rest of the trip because of the cordial manner of Silver Service cabs drivers.

If you need to attend a special event such as an anniversary or corporate meeting, you may want to include Silver Service cabs to your list of preferred taxi service companies. You can rent a high-end vehicle of your choice and rely on the professional driver who will ensure you arrive in safety and comfort.

While renting a luxury vehicle costs a little more, this is an excellent option if you are off to a special occasion. You will appreciate the spectacular features such as well-maintained upholstery, roomy trunk space, elegant interiors, and modern sound system.

Silver Service Cab Fares

In addition to the basic hiring fare, you will have to pay an 11 surcharge to your total bill. This additional fee is reflected on the excellent level of service and unparalleled comfort that you will experience by renting Silver Service cabs.

The flagfall rate or cost when the meter has started is $3.20, and the fee per kilometer is $1.617. If you have decided to book a ride ahead of time, an additional $2 is entered on the meter at the start of your trip. The "late night" 20 percent surcharge applies when you hire a Silver Service cab between midnight and 5 am. The additional rate is calculated and displayed automatically on the cab meter.

Silver Service cabs allow multiple hiring with the consent of the subsequent or first hirers. The hirer should pay 75 percent of the total fare displayed on the meter when they have reached their destination.

Silver Service Cabs Additional Features

The company offers the Silver VIP Direct, where the caller line identification checks the incoming telephone number. With the client's or caller's permission, a template that can be used for future bookings is made. The template includes relevant information about the customer such as the name and pick-up address. This personalised feature reduces the amount of time spent in booking a ride because of your existing record with Silver Service Cabs.

Another interesting feature that adds to the company's remarkable services is the liability fee that is limited to $500. Silver Service cabs guarantees the replacement price for your missed plane, bus, or plane trip if for some reason your service is delayed. However, this guarantee applies when the booking is made at least 2 hours prior your scheduled trip.

Those who have booked more than once at Silver Service cabs are given additional services and they may skip the on-account billing process that is provided to regular customers. You can also pay on a monthly basis if you decide to book several rides. This option saves you from the hassle of paying at the end of your trip and set fares apply for monthly billing.

If you need a reliable ride for your trip, you can make reservations conveniently by phone. You can also book for an airport pick up or drop off service, and request a quote. You may choose to rent a standard vehicle or luxury car, depending on your preference and budget.

Bottom Line

Silver Service cabs offer a wide selection of compact cars and prestigious vehicles that are perfect for regular or special occasions. You can also count on the professional and friendly drivers who can ensure you of a safe and comfortable trip. In fact, the company employs only the best and professional drivers so you can obtain the kind of service that you expect. These well-trained and highly reliable drivers will make sure that you reach your destination safely and you will appreciate their ability in providing the finest service that you deserve.

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