Silver Service

Prestige Service

For a higher level of service

Silver Service is a prestige service where an $11 surcharge is added to the fare to reflect a superior level of service and vehicle comfort being provided.

Silver Service Vehicles are luxury vehicles with a long wheel base for that extra level of comfort. These vehicles include Holden Statesmans, Ford Fairlanes and Ford LTDs. Features may include generous passenger legroom, dual climate control, leather seating, whisper quiet ride and advanced sound systems.

Our Silver Service drivers are selected on the basis of their commitment and proven track record in the provision of a high level of customer service. It is the aim of our Silver Service drivers to provide a professional and superior service at all times.

Every Silver Service driver is expected to be courteous, helpful and to present with a high standard of personal grooming at all times.

Silver Service drivers are required to wear the Silver Service Uniform – a distinctive white shirt with specialised Silver Service epaulettes at the shoulders. Silver Service drivers may wear black or navy trousers or our lady drivers may also wear a similarly coloured skirt. The uniform also includes a navy Silver Service tie.

Every Silver Service booking will include a contact number for the client. Once a driver has a Silver Service booking they will ring the client, introduce themselves and quote a realistic estimated time to arrive (ETA). We understand that punctuality is of the utmost importance to our Silver Service clients.

The personalised aspect of Silver Service is tailored to the discerning needs of corporate sector. Silver Service is also becoming increasingly popular with our ‘special event’ travellers – for that milestone anniversary or outing to the races.

Our 280 Silver Service cars are available on demand, or you can make an advance Silver Service booking on 03 8413 7222.

Silver Care

Going the extra mile

This is the designation given to Drivers who have been with the company for at least three years, have a clean record and are prepared to give that little extra service.

Originally established to benefit 'Caring Institution' clients, this service is now available to corporate clients.

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Silver VIP Direct

Personalised service

Caller Line Identification identifies the incoming telephone number and with the caller’s permission, a template is created which includes the name and pick-up address, for use with all future bookings.

This greatly reduces the call taking time and helps personalise the process.

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