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Silver Service

Prestige Service, Luxury Vehicles

Silver Service is a taxi Service where an $11 surcharge is added to the fare to reflect a superior level of service and vehicle comfort being supplied to the client. Silver Service is aimed towards the corporate sector to meet the demand for a more 'personalised' service...

Silver Service drivers are selected on the basis of their commitment and proven track record in the provision of a high level of customer service in the Taxi Industry.

All Silver Service drivers are in uniform and the vehicles are executive models such as Caprice V, Mercedes Benz, Chrysler 300C and are maintained in  immaculate condition inside and out.

Our 280 Silver Service cars are avaliable on demand and you may also make an advance booking on 8413 7222.

Alternately our Silver Service Fleet Manager Teresa is avaliable to assist you directly with any Silver Service enquiries on 8413 8119 or via email at tsThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Silver Shuttle

Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

The Silver Shuttle Vehicles are mainly Toyota High Ace models with seating capacity for up to 2 wheel chairs and a passenger capacity of between 5 and 10 passengers...

They can be booked by calling 8413 7202, however, demand is high particularly on Friday and Saturday nights and ample leeway should be given to ensure pickup as close as possible to the required time or, for alternative arrangements to be made.

For wheelchair passengers holding a Multi Purpose Taxi Program (MPTP) M31 card there is a $16.70 Lifting fee paid electronically to the driver by the Taxi Services Commission, in order to compensate them for the extra time involved in safely loading and unloading wheelchair passengers. This fee is Not paid by the passengers.

Silver Shuttle 8413 7202 - High Occupancy Vehicles

Single hiring for 5 to 10 passengers; or where the passenger specifically requests a larger than standard taxi-cab regardless of the number of passengers carried. There is an extra cost involved when requesting a Silver Shuttle for 5 or more passengers or when a larger vehicle is required.

These vehicles are ideal for transporting those larger than normal items of luggage, such as surfboards, waveboards, skis & skiboards. We cannot carry household items including white goods and furniture.

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Airport Travel? Thinking lots of luggage?

"Think Station Wagons"

A big holiday normally means a big load of suitcases, and often it's too much for a standard cab to carry. That's when there's no substitute for a station wagon. With the extra luggae space available, 4 passengers and their luggage can surely travel in comfort. If your heading to the airport, or any other destination, call 131 008 for a Silver Top Airporter.


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toyota greentop prius

Green Tops

Peak Service

These are officially known as 'Peak Service' vehicles and are distinguishable by the green roof and for this reason we refer to them as 'Green Tops' and have registered the name accordingly. They can be further identified by the Number plate and the decal affixed to the rear door, four digits followed by the letters 'PS'.

They have restricted hours of operation and as a result, they may not accept hire, be it a radio booking or street hail, prior to 3.00pm or after 7.00am. They are permitted to complete a job taken prior to 7.00am.

The Government issued 25 of these licences every three months for a few years. Of those issued to date, around two thirds opted to join Silver Top, ensuring all those needing a taxi outside of busines hours, can be taken care of.

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Standard Taxi

Standard Service

Comprising of Ford Falcons, Holden Commodore and Toyota Camry models, these are the work horses of the fleet and the most common. Whether you are traveling by day or night, hailing from the street or booking on your phone, these hard working soldiers will come to your rescue and deliver you safely and reliably.


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