Qualities and Duties of a Cab Driver

A cab driver works in metropolitan areas or major cities, and they help transport people from one place to the next. These professional drivers should be familiar with various areas in the city, so they can transport passengers safely to their preferred destinations. It is also important that a cab driver knows how to operate the taximeter, or a type of device that calculates the total distance and corresponding fare. In addition, cab drivers should be able to recognise hand signals of individuals hailing the cab, or respond to phone calls and computer message when passengers book a ride ahead of time.

Qualities of a Good Cab Driver

A good cab driver should possess remarkable traits that would help them build a solid reputation from their passengers. Cab drivers with a pleasant disposition also help the company become successful because of the positive feedback given by their clients. The following are among the notable qualities of a cab driver.



Good communicator

Most passengers prefer a cab driver who has good communication skills. Foreigners, for instance, who are new to a certain country or city, appreciate having a pleasant conversation with their cab driver. Furthermore, cab drivers who know how to communicate well can help their passengers find their way around a particular location. When you hire a cab, you expect the driver to understand where you want to go. With excellent communication, you can expect great results and you are likely to reach your destination without any hassle.

Has years of experience in the job

An experienced cab driver is typically more reliable than those who are new in the job. You can rely on their ability to take shortcuts, so you can arrive to a specific location in a timely manner. These drivers are also familiar with the city, and you will not experience any problems with them. For instance, in many cases you can just give the name of the building and the cab driver already knows how to get there.

Honest and trustworthy

Honesty is an essential quality that any cab driver should possess. They should be able to drive their passenger to a certain destination without taking a longer route just to charge customers with a higher fare. Aside from this, a cab driver should place high regard on their passenger's welfare. They should not take advantage of their customers, particularly those who are not familiar with the city.

Respectful and courteous

Passengers prefer a cab driver who is courteous and respectful. They appreciate drivers who greet them politely, as it helps customers feel at ease while inside the vehicle. Nobody likes a driver who is grumpy and keeps on ranting the whole time. As part of their excellent customer service, cab drivers should be friendly to any passenger. This way, customers will leave positive reviews and even a generous tip because of the quality services that they have received.

Is familiar with several cities and surrounding areas

An excellent cab driver can bring their passengers safely to any location, as long as he or she knows the surrounding places quite well. While a map may be useful as a reference, it is best to know several locations even without any navigational device or tool. You will not end up disappointing your customers when you are knowledgeable about the different routes in the city.

Duties of a Cab Driver

Tourists rely on a cab driver who is skilful in undertaking the duties assigned to them. These drivers should be able to adhere to a hectic schedule no matter what time of the night or day. Moreover, elderly individuals may require cab drivers to do simple errands for them. These tasks include picking up some items for dry cleaning, retrieving groceries, and several other tasks.

Aside from these jobs, cab drivers should be able to operate various types of vehicle. There are times that they may be asked to drive a minivan, compact car, or SUVs. They should know how to drive these vehicles, as well as to check for engine problems. Some cabs have special features that cater to handicapped passengers, so a cab driver should know how to raise or lower the ramp for wheelchairs when necessary.

While they may not be required to repair the vehicle, they should know how to attend to minor issues such as a flat tire. A cab driver should also have the skill in changing small vehicle parts such as the lights and windshield wipers. Drivers should also be responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the interior and exterior of the car.

This way, passengers will feel comfortable while inside the vehicle.

Another duty that cab drivers should perform is to charge a passenger for each trip. The fare is calculated by using the taximeter and fees chart. Drivers should know how to use and refer to these tools, so they will not end up charging their customers with an incorrect amount for the fare. The prices should be calculated before setting off on a long trip. In addition, the customers should be notified of the rates, so they will not encounter any problem or misunderstanding regarding the fees.

Professional cab drivers should know how to speak the country's official language. In fact, drivers who know how to speak other languages or dialects are considered as assets to any cab company. When they know how to communicate with their passengers, they can make their customers feel at ease during the trip.

Bottom Line

Driving a cab may be challenging because of the demands associated with this type of job. Drivers are expected to provide outstanding customer service to their passengers so they should possess notable traits that would enable them to satisfy their clients’ needs. A cab driver should also be aware of the duties that he or she is expected to accomplish. Aside from performing these duties, drivers should try to put their best foot forward when they provide services to their passengers. They will earn an excellent reputation from their customers, and they can boost their chances of thriving in their job because of their integrity, professionalism and impressive skills.
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