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Silver Top Taxi services uses Cab Charge as an added convenience for their clients. Information about the Cab Charge system is provided below.
Cab Charge service offers customers an efficient and secure way of paying their fare by using their credit card. The system aims to meet the needs of individuals and businesses by providing a convenient taxi charge account method. With the use of this system, cab companies can have full control over their records and accounting on taxi travel expenditures.

Interesting Features of Cab Charge

A large number of metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas in Australia use the Cab Charge Fareway system. Over 20,000 limousines, standard and water taxis in most of Australia's capital cities utilise this system. In fact, other countries such as Singapore and the United Kingdom use this advanced taxi fare payment system.

At present, about 97 percent of taxis in Australia operate the Cab Charge Fareway system. These vehicles accept Cab Charge cards, eTickets, and several credit cards including American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Diners Club. A 10 percent service fee is added to the total amount you have incurred on your taxi fare. However, the service fee is not applicable when you use your Cab Charge cards account-coded dockets, or eTickets.

With this advanced payment system, passengers can pay their cab fares by using their credit or debit cards. Cab Charge eliminates some issues with petty cash reimbursement because individuals can pay electronically.



Benefits and Services offered by Cab Charge

Most cab drivers and passengers prefer to use this advanced payment system because of convenience and hassle-free features. It is also a quicker way to settle cab fares and it reduces fraud. The Cab Charge taxi management system is an ideal feature that helps save time and money when it comes to internal accounting. Moreover, individuals can request for a replacement for their lost Cab Charge cards within 5 to 7 days.

The following are among the numerous benefits that Cab Charge offers


The electronic equipment uses advanced technology that helps minimise fraud. When you use this payment system, you can be sure that the account details are secured. This feature ensures privacy of your account details while preventing fraud or duplication. When you hire a taxi, you should inform the cab driver that you would pay your fare through this advanced system. However, you should choose another taxi if the system is not operational to prevent manual imprinting.

Efficient Accounting

Cab Charge has designed a Window-based system that allows taxi companies to have total control of their taxi travel expenditure. With this system, it is easy to itemise and organise the expenses incurred on the company's Cab Charge account. You can also create one account to consolidate all the departmental accounts in your company.

With this modern system, you can have quick access to valuable information that is necessary for planning and auditing purposes. You will also be able to verify your Docket or eTicket details for billing to various locations in the city.

Convenience in Organising Records or Data

Most companies prefer to use this payment system so they can manipulate and organise data efficiently. They can process the statement of account quickly because the system does not require much effort and time. Moreover, it eliminates the need for sorting bundles of records and paper dockets since everything is conducted electronically.

How the Cab Charge Fareway System Works

Cab Charge is a mobile electronic payment system designed in Australia. It offers more than just the convenience of paying your taxi fares by using approved cards, eTickets, or Charge cards. The system also provides security to businesses and passengers by linking it into the other taxi equipment.

With this system, passengers can keep a record of their fare transactions. The receipt includes important details such as the taxi number, time and date of trip, pick up location, destination, and radio network. These details are useful for subsequent reference such as in keeping financial records of travel expenditures.

The system is a convenience means of paying all goods and services without the use of cash. The system includes other units such as a printer, fixed PIN pad and communications unit. The PIN pad functions by using the menu-driven instructions. It comes with a backlit pad display, and it provides simple instructions that drivers can refer to easily. The instructions include details on how to pay cab fares by using the charge cards, eTickets, third party credit and debit cards.

The communication unit facilitates the flow of transaction details. It uses a wireless data network for confirming approvals and communication between the taxi operator and banks for eTickets and charge cards transactions. The unit also provides location information to ensure a detailed and precise record for the passengers.

Upon approval of the transaction, account holders who pay through the system will receive a printed record of their fare transactions. The account statement contains valuable details such as the taxi number, fare amount, taxi network, as well as the time and date of the trip.

Additional Information about Cab Charge

The system was established in 1976 by the Cab industry, and it serves as its financial services provider. The main thrust of this payment system is to facilitate convenience and safety for passengers who opt to pay through their valid credit cards and other payment method. Instead of using cash, individuals can choose to pay by using their charge cards, eTickets and other major credit or debit cards. At present, this electronic payment system is utilized by about 97 percent of cabs, limousines and water taxis in Australia, including other countries in the world.

Cab Charge's subsidiary, Combined Communications Network, offers booking and other services for various cab companies including Silver Service, Yellow Cabs, and ABC Taxi. Taxi operators can also avail from other benefits provided by the company such as driver training, vehicle leasing, and smash repairs.

Currently, Cab Charge belongs to the top 200 list of successful companies based in Australia. It is a leading provider of financial services, diversified technology, and taxi fare payments. The company is also responsible for developing and manufacturing advanced in-taxi equipment used by several cab operators in the country.

Silver Top Taxi offers this excellent service to their customers for ease and convenience.

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