Or commonly known as Station Wagon

Silver Top Taxi provides the most reliable and efficient service from & to Melbourne Airport and has the ability to cater for larger groups too. Silver Top Taxi's Airporter has the ability to fit you and your luggage comfortably, and get you to your desired location efficiently. These late model vehicles including some SUV's that can accomodate extra luggage, are sure to get you to your destination hassle free & in style. So, when heading for your next holiday trip, Jumping in a Silver Top taxi Airporter is certainly the way to go.



If, however you are travelling in a group of 5 passengers or more, then below is some information of our Airport Shuttle services.

Features of an Airport Shuttle

You can find airport shuttles in almost any country in the world, and you may book ahead or just look for one whenever you need a ride. In fact, shuttles operate 24 hours each day, so you will not encounter any trouble when getting around various places.

These vans can accommodate a maximum of 11 passengers. In most cases, an airport shuttle will circle up to three times around the airport before leaving just to load up the vehicle. Moreover, an airport shuttle may impose strict guidelines or restrictions when loading bulky or large luggage such as surfboards.

Hiring an Airport Shuttle

Before you decide to hire airport shuttles, make sure you check the company guidelines and policies. You can also save more time and money when you compare several airport shuttle services. Consider searching for customer feedback on each company, so you can find the best agency with outstanding services.

If you have no problem with riding a budget-type vehicle or sharing the ride with other people, an airport shuttle is an ideal option. Search online for an economy ride offered at the airport and you should evaluate the pros and cons of choosing one.

When you select the type of vehicle available, consider the maximum number of passengers that it can accommodate. You should also determine any restrictions on the amount and size of luggage. For instance, a minivan or compact-size car can accommodate about 4 to 6 individuals. The trunk space, though, may be quite small. If you prefer a spacious luggage compartment, then you should go for SUVs or larger vans. In addition, these vehicles are roomy enough to seat a maximum of 8 people.

Choose an excellent airport shuttle agency that has a good reputation from clients. You may ask your friends or family members for a recommendation or you can check online for more details about the company. Then, compare rates for the services offered by different shuttle agencies. Aside from considering the rental cost, you should also determine the travel distance and gas fees that will add up to your total bill. Expect to pay a higher fee if you opt to hire luxury or large vehicles.

As you check the different companies that offer reasonable rates, make sure these cater to the same airport. Browse through the airport shuttle company's website, so you can obtain all the important details that you need to know. You can learn about the current rates for each type of vehicle including the distance from the airport to your preferred destination.

After you have selected the best airport shuttle company, make sure you read the terms and conditions such as cancellation and refund policies. Some agencies will require you to settle the pickup fees when you fail to notify them of your flight's cancellation. You should devote some time in reading the FAQ section as well as the different guidelines that will help you prevent hassles and other concerns.

Airport Shuttle Benefits

When you are going on a trip, try to book a reliable shuttle service that will help you reach your destination conveniently. An airport shuttle is also a cheaper option, as compared to a taxi since most cab drivers quote skyrocketing fees for passengers. You can benefit from the services provided by airport shuttles such as affordable rates, 24-hour service and convenient pick up and drop off points. Some airport shuttle agencies also offer parcel deliveries around several towns and cities at a cheap rate.

Most shuttle Services are reliable, particularly those companies that have been in the business for decades. You can expect to receive excellent quality Services and hassle-free experience of reaching your destination. Several drivers that work in reputable airport shuttle companies are well-trained, certified, and dependable. They have obtained special training from driving schools, so they can ensure their clients' safety and comfort. With the technical skills and outstanding customer service of these drivers, you can just sit back and relax during your trip.

Airport shuttle companies understand very well certain issues such as corporate social responsibility, and they do their best to cater to the special needs of their customers. Most shuttles have provisions for wheelchairs, so handicapped passengers can receive proper treatment and quality Services. You can also check the company website to know more about other Services that will meet your specific needs. It is also helpful to contact the company for your inquiries and special concerns.

Bottom Line

Airport transfers offer a wide range of Services for quite an economical rate. You can book these ahead of time or proceed to the pickup points, so you can get a ride. You can share the fees with the other passengers, so you do not have to pay expensive rates. Most shuttles are spacious and can accommodate several individuals, so this is ideal if you have large parcels or you are traveling with a large group. Make sure you check and compare different airport shuttle companies and hire the best one that offers reasonable rates for quality service.

For superior service and to save time however, it is recommended you book with Silver Top Taxi as you will not have to waste time driving around in the shuttle picking up other passengers. This will ensure you get to and from your destination with a minimum of stress and fuss.

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